Get Prequalified and Become A Cash Buyer!

    So you are thinking about buying on Kauai? Congratulations!

    Now, lets get you prequalified. We need 6 simple things.
    1. Job information and 2 years W-2 tax returns.
    2. Pay stub for the last 30 days, if paid weekly last 4 pay-stubs, if paid Twice a month 2 pay stubs, paid monthly 1 pay stub.
    3. Assets Bank 2 months of bank statement all pages. If more then 1 bank, repeat.
    4. Stocks, bonds, IRA-401K 2 months statements all pages of brokerage account.
    5. If self employed 2 years tax return all pages and year to date P&L.
    6. A list of debt, example, car loan, credit card, student loans, mortgage payments etc.
    Get Qualified for a loan with finance factors mortgage
    At finance factors we can do some other things a little different, such as 1 year employed or self employed have a non-occupying co-borrower be the strength on the loan… We do it case by case but have a variety of options

    Give me a call anytime. I’m here to help. Or here’s a map to my office in Lihue. Feel free to stop by!

    Ron Cole


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    Billy O'Sullivan

    I'm the Team Leader at Kauai Real Estate Group. If you need anything Kauai related, just holler! I'll help ;). My personal cell is 808-755-5866 or you can reach out via email:
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