How Do I Bring My Pet To Kauai?


    When moving from Indiana a few years ago to Kauai I had to jump through some serious hoops to get my pet to the island. It’s a long story that I’ll save for another time but honestly it was brutal. Thankfully it’s MUCH easier now to get your animal friend and member of your Ohana here to Kauai. It’s not as easy as tossing “Skippy” on the airplane but here are the few steps needed. Let’s play like you just decided that you are ready to move to Kauai right now from Indiana just like I did, here’s what to expect in 2016.

    Bringing Pets to Kauai

    1. You have to have your pet quarantined for a period of either just 5 days (see the super long checklist below) or the more standard 120 days. However that can be done IN YOUR HOME on the mainland. Of course they say that a very young or very old animal may not be fit to move to Hawaii. This is also applies to pregnant, ill or debilitated animals.
    2. Make sure your airline is OK transporting your specific age/size/breed of animal.
    3. Read these documents and get the checklist paperwork handled.



    bringing my pet to kauai
    My Girls Pookie and Petey…

    Also PLEASE make sure you know that this is just us trying to help. Make sure you get in touch with your airliner and or the state of HI to make sure your pet has an easy trip to Kauai. We aren’t the experts but just trying to help you get the process rolling. If you need help here on the ground in Kauai, just call me. I’ll help!

    Brady Beyers


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