I’m Trapped in Hanalei, Kauai! OH MY! ;)


    The struggle is real.

    When touring or considering living on the North shore of Kauai, folks often ask about flooding and getting ‘trapped’ in Hanalei when the bridge closes. If you are worried about that or have a health issue that requires you to be able to reach a hospital 24/7, then it’s likely a good idea to call Princeville or some other part of the island home. Because we are so close to the wettest spot on earth (just up the Hanalei valley lies Mt. Waialeale), it does flood occasionally.

    How often does the bridge close? Hard to say. Maybe 8-10 times a year? Sometimes for an hour, or as much as a day if there is crazy rain. The flooding is always on the Hanalei side, not the Princeville side or even the bridge itself. The Hanalei bridge is plenty high and doesn’t flood. It’s the area just West near the Taro fields in an area locally known as the ‘bamboo patch’. This area is so low that when it floods that is blocks both lanes of the highway. The nice thing is that when the water starts to recede one lane can be passable and thus they alternate traffic through the one side.

    It’s slow…. Super slow. But they do get the traffic rolling.

    Fear not! There are many beautiful / safe places to go if you are stuck:

    There are a ton of one lane bridges here on the Garden Isle. Most are on this stretch of the North Shore. This bridge happens to be famous because of the flood issue, but those of us that live here like it! Its keeps things mellow and because you can’t get mega-buses or other large vehicles down into Hanalei, most feel that it’s helping protect the charm and vibe ;).

    Just incase you are a bridge-nut and need more on the subject, here’s some more great info brought to you by the Kauai Real Estat Ohana:

    And of course when bridge’s are open (they almost always are) it’s helpful to know the local bridge etiquette.

    If you are down in town and would like to go and see some homes, here you go!


    Aloha and keep smiling!

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