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    Lately I’ve been having lots of questions about the Jewish community here on Kauai, are there houses of worship, organizations? So in an attempt to help everyone get the answers they want about our little garden island, we met with our friend Judy. She’s A member of the local Kauai Jewish Community. I asked her the top questions I’ve been asked and she responded.

    Jewish Community of Kauai
    The Home for Kauai Jews and those visiting Kauai. All are welcome.


    “How many Jews live in the area?” I do not know the answer to this question and I don’t know of any way to find out. Many Jewish people — as well as non-Jewish people — attend services with the two congregations listed below. We believe that there are many Jewish people living on Kaua’i who do not participate in services — this number is impossible to calculate.

    “Are there any Jewish Houses of Worship?” There are no synagogue or temple buildings, such as a Christian church or Buddhist temple. Services for both groups listed below are held at various locations on the island.

    “Any Jewish organizations? Yes, there are two. This website is for the Jewish Community of Kauai kauaijewishcommunity.com This group is an independent, Kaua’i-only congregation. They meet, generally, once a month plus on all major holidays. The congregation is considered “Reform” and uses traditional prayer books and conducts traditional services in a comfortable, warm community “ohana” setting. Services are open to anyone who wants to attend, no matter their religious preference

    This website is for the Kaua’i chapter of Chabad jewishkauai.org . You will see on this website the dates and schedules of events. Their practice is considered “Conservative” and is more strict in its interpretation of Jewish practices than the “Reform.”

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