Kauai thinks PLAY is good.

    I would like to introduce you to a World of Play via Hackido. 


    My name is Zander and I am a Playah.

    I traveled around the world looking for the best ways to Play and found a universal joy in Hack and Juggling. My goal is to share this Play with all those who feel called to remind people that Play is good, Play is fun, and Play is why we are here.

    I teach how to make hacks to those who would learn, opening up the ability of creating unique gifts and infinite possibilities of Play via Hack or learning how to juggle. You can find out more at Hackido.org or follow Hackido on Facebook.

    Here is a link for a video about Why Hackido? 


    Almost every Saturday you can find me Playing up in Hanalei at the Soccer Field in front of the Farmer’s Market. 

    I invite you to join in the Play and discover the joy of, arguably, the best sport/martial arts/game.

    If you would like some more information please feel free to contact me directly,zander@hackido.org.

    Billy O'Sullivan

    I'm the Team Leader at Kauai Real Estate Group. If you need anything Kauai related, just holler! I'll help ;). My personal cell is 808-755-5866 or you can reach out via email: billyo@billyo.com
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