South Kauai in Sunny Poipu

    Recently there has been a lot of interested home buyers looking in Kauai’s south shore of Poipu. If you’re interested in real estate in Kauai’s sunny south side, there are multiple listings available from single family homes, condos, and empty lots currently available. Prices in this area generally range from $300-$800,000. Its no wonder why people have an avid interest in living in Poipu, because who wouldn’t enjoy basking in Sunny Poipu’s perfect weather all year round?! Its not just the marvelous weather that makes Poipu a prime spot to be, there are many advantages to living in Kauai’s sunny south shores that provide such a wondrous lifestyle so many people seek.


    Living in the south side of Kauai will offer an everyday vacation-like experience combined with a small town island atmosphere. Poipu is a resort community featuring many remarkable activities for people to witness the authentic and beautiful dancers of Aulii Luau, spirited Koloa bass fishing, and the breathtaking tropical botanical gardens. Aulii Luau is an authentic Hawaiian experience consisting of captivating shows, such as the ancient hula of Hawaiian mythology Kahiko, the New Zealand warrior dance ‘Aotearoa, the fire throwing with Ka Pali Oahio Makana, and much more. To learn more about the setting and activities offered check out the Aulii Luau

    There are a broad array of opportunities to feast your eyes on the luxurious beaches while basking in the beauty of the tropical paradise of sunny Poipu. Sunny Poipu is said to be home to some of the best beaches in Kauai, with three white crescents curving beside the majestic turquoise waters along the island’s south coast. The beaches of Poipu are desirable to visitors because of the clear inviting pacific waters and the local marine life. Hawaiian green sea turtles, humpback whales, and the endangered Hawaiian monk seals can be seen in the waters around the south shore of Kauai.


    Nonetheless, sunny Poipu is a charming location for visiting and living. Many visitors are brought to this side of the island to enjoy what the south shore offers. Even with more foot traffic from visitors in this area, Poipu still retains its island feel with its cultural environment and local establishments.

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