Frequently Asked Questions about Living on Kauai Imagine buying your dream home. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

    Let’s buy a home on Kauai! No sweat. We can help with that, but like most people I’m sure you have some questions.

    Here’s a our answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Living on Island. If your questions or burning desires aren’t answered here go ahead and email us and if we don’t know the answer, we will get it!

    OWNERSHIP. Is everything on a land lease or is there Fee Simple property on Kauai?

    Only a small portion of the island has leased land. Everything else is fee simple. Kiahuna Plantation and Kapaa Shores are two developments that immediately come to mind when I think of leasehold. The condos you’ll see that look ‘too good to be true’… Almost always are. There are some pockets of Leasehold over in Wainiha and also spotty areas down on the south shore but by and large we are a fee simple island. Below I’ve linked a super comprehensive article we put together with tons of good info if you really want to drill down on this. Best thing to do is look on the Kauai Real Estate Group listing under exterior features (picture below) and if it says Land Tenure = Leasehold, there it is. Be prepared for a monthly land lease fee and potentially having to pay all cash. Lenders don’t like leasehold because it’s a ticking investment with no clear understanding of what happens when the lease it over.

    description of leasehold koloa poipu kapaa wainiha


    More on Leasehold: What the Heck is Leasehold?

    Lava?…Flood Zones? Insurance?

    We don’t have Lava zones here on Kauai! YES!

    Flooding on the other hand is something we deal with so there are lots of flood zones. Make sure to check out this article we put together below. It’s got heaps of good information and maps with colored zoning codes.

    JOBS. Can I get one or do I have to be independently wealthy to live here?

    You might be thinking… If I buy a home here on island what on earth am I going to do for WORK?! Well the tourist industry is pretty dominant so if you are in the hospitality industry you are definitely in luck, but those aren’t the only jobs in town. Hawaii is an epicenter for a few professions that you might not think:

    1. Marine and Scientific Research

    2. Environmental Technology

    3. Sustainable Living Entrepreneurship

    4. Government and Security Affairs

    There’s lots of interesting opportunities here! Start a small business or a shave ice stand…. Well, maybe not shave ice, we are pretty chock full of that 😉


    What is this whole phenomenon? I’m not sure really to be honest. We have planes and boats and canoes that can easily take you to anywhere else on the planet for a decent price. Go inner-island! Grab the keiki and some friends and Vacation Rent something on another island. Each of the major islands have their own personalities and if you are here on Kauai go to Oahu for the weekend. I dare you! You’ll be running back to the peace and tranquility of the Garden Island before you know it.

    Seriously though. Plan some trips every year if you get tired of highs in the 80’s with low humidity and trade winds… I took my Mom to the Superbowl, my Dad to the Indy 500 and my finance to Mammoth and I’m good. 3 quick trips a year and all I do when I’m gone is miss Kauai.

    If you have any more questions feel free to reach out. 808-755-5866. Aloha!



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