Anahola Area Guide


    Anahola beach offers white sand beaches and a lifeguard you can swim and snorkel here pretty safely because of the reef protecting the surf from getting too big inside. At the south end of the beach park there is a system of cane roads and single track trails that provide hours of adventure. You can cruise the coast south and attempt to link up with the Ke Ala Hele Makalae (or the Coconut Coast Kauai Path as it’s also called) or head up the single track above the play-field and explore wide and windy cane roads with great views of the Kalalea Mountains.

    From farming to Hawaiian homelands and affordable acreage it’s a great¬†place to search for your piece of paradise. Anahola also has luxury homes and beach front estates. Aliomanu estates offer acreage with sweeping ocean views and bluff front homes too. You’ll enjoy views of Kong Mountain and steady west trade winds from just about anywhere in the area. The weather here in Anahola makes it great for horses and farming alike. Hokualele canoe club paddles from Anahola river mouth. Don’t miss the bay, even though Hanalei gets all the attention Anahola is smaller but just as special!

    Anahola is also home to Kanuikapono Charter School. If you are moving to Kauai with K-12 students in your Ohana, this and the island school might be worth researching.