West Side Kauai Area Guide


    The Westside of Kauai is the gateway to Kokee state park and the never-ending white sand beaches of Polihale state park. Both are a must see for tourists and many decide to call the Westside home for good reason.

    Starting at Kalaheo where there is good shopping and entertainment you can buy virtually any shape or size of home (no condos), as you move further West generally the homes become more affordable. There is of course the view or waterfront exception. Not any condos out west but when you reach the westernmost town Kekaha you can still buy a home in the 300’s, rare for Kaua’i.

    Waimea has a great commercial sector with shops and restaurants. Don’t miss the Waimea pier while you are out west. It’s one of two piers left. At one point there were 8 Piers during the pineapple/sugar boom! Sunsets at this Waimea pier  and in the hills above town are unbeatable. So is the poke at Ishihara market :).

    Kekaha town is flat and pretty spread out over about 5 blocks from the beach. So the good news is that no matter where you live in Kekaha,  you can walk to the beach in just a few minutes. Not much shopping here though, so you’ll have to guy grocery items in Waimea.

    Here’s a video of a fixer upper home and a beach in Kekaha just so you can get an idea of what it’s like.

    The home will likely sell for about 400k just to give you an idea of pricing in 2016. The beach will be priceless forever 🙂