Kauai Property Taxes

    What you need to know about Kauai Property Taxes…


    Aloha! We understand that buying a home or condo in the middle of the ocean can be daunting. Hopefully this answers some questions about taxation. If you need more assistance we can refer you to a tax specialist. For additional help anytime on this or any other Kauai related needs please call Billy O’ 808-755-5866 and he will help.


    The County of Kauai uses the county taxes for the benefit of the county. Essentially, we as residents are investing in the county when we pay our property taxes and other fees such as motor vehicle weight tax and fuel tax. The money the residents put into the county each year is returned to the county in the form of services. There are some services we may not think of when it comes to using our tax dollars. Kauai uses this money to fund departments such as fire and police protection, street maintenance, lighting, water, sewer, rubbish collection and the beautiful parks and beaches we regularly enjoy. Although some of this money can come from other taxes and fees, the majority of it comes from our property taxes, which the county could not operate without.  So just think, buy a house on Kauai, and you will be contributing to keeping the garden island beautiful and thriving.

     (Per $1,000 Net Assessed Valuation)     2015 Tax Rates

    $  3.05


    $  6.05

    Vacation Rental

    $  8.85

    Hotel and Resort



    $  8.10


    $  8.10


    $  6.75


    $  6.75

    Residential Investor

    $  7.05

    Commercialized Home Use

    $  5.05


    Here are some important dates to remember during tax season:



    Sept 30 Deadline for filing exemption claims and recordation of ownership documents
    Oct 1 Assessment set for use during next tax year
    Dec 1 Assessment notices mailed
    Dec 31 Deadline for assessment appeals
    Jan 20 Second half year tax bills mailed
    Feb. 20 Second half tax year payment is due
    Mar 31 Certified assessment roll to County Council
    June 20 Tax Rate set by County Council
    July 1 Tax Year Commences
    Deadline for filing dedication petitions
    July 20 First half year tax bills mailed
    Aug. 20 First half tax payments due


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